About Us

Hi I’m Phil Zammit.

I love watching, analysing and discussing sport; and earn a living as a sports analyst and betting educator.

AstuteBetting.com is intended to be a home base for my thoughts and ideas. It is a website aimed for those who want to educate themselves about betting.

You will find a growing repository of blog posts, ideas and resources all aimed at continuous teaching and learning, ultimately helping you improve your betting!

My Story and early interest in betting

I have loved my sport since childhood. Weekends were spent at the MCG, Melbourne’s main sporting stadium, watching my beloved footy and cricket teams.

While at high school a friend of mine’s father was former bookie turned professional punter. My eyes were opened. Imagine making a living from watching sport all day! This is what I aspired to do and be.

My first foray into betting was a mixed bag. Very early on I backed a winner at odds of $20 that payed for my dream (but expensive) tennis racquet. I was hooked.

However my betting was haphazard; with the retrospect of hindsight not very smart. I remembered the winners but not the losers. Even my winners were nothing to write about - so what if I backed Monica Seles to win the Australian Open, it only payed $1.40!

Professional Life

I started my professional life working at an accounting and consulting firm. While I loved the people, the actual work bored me to tears! I thought I had set out on a path to set my career and life up, as I always desired to be ultra successful, but my heart was just not in it.

After a couple of companies later I took the greatest gamble of my life; and gave away a promising career to enter the uncertain and volatile betting industry.  My analytical skills gained over the years proved beneficial compiling the odds.

I currently write, speak and comment on the betting industry, and have written numerous sports betting previews.

I have been regularly featured in a number of well established Australian betting publications, namely:
•    The Winning Post, Australia’s largest selling racing newspaper, where I was a regular contributor to the sports lift out.
•    Best Bets.com, known as the Punter’s Bible since 1963

For several years I also co-hosted two weekly betting focussed podcasts:
•    SportsLine AFL, which took a weekly look at Australian Rules football
•    The Right Odds, a general sports betting podcast, which was spun off into a weekly TV show on TVN.

So why Astute betting?

Over the years I have associated with a number of bookmakers, professional gamblers and analysts as well as your everyday punters. I have seen various sides of the industry, both positive and negative, and I have learnt a lot.

While I am not making millions, my personal betting has gone from being haphazard to structured, disciplined and astute.  It’s not easy, but I am determined to become a consistently profitable bettor.

I believe that the one glaringly obvious missing aspect of the betting industry is the lack of education. I am often astoundard at some of the misconceptions and bad practices of some punters.

Education should be a priority for everyone, no matter how big or small a punter one is.

Continuous education is a big part of my life, one should consistently strive to improve, and I hope this website is a part of the process.
Astutebetting.com will share with you what I have learned so far and what I continue to learn, and take you along with me for the journey.

Astute Betting has one very simple overriding purpose:

To educate!

Thanks for reading!


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